Eyetracking-Accessory for HMDs

Eyetracking as a

Gryphon VR is an eyetracking solution that can be integrated into VR-HMDs to improve the overall performance – depending on the level of detail of the used software up to a factor of 4.

Using various processes our Gryphon VR eyetracker is able to render software considering the angle and direction of the view of the user to improve the performance of the used hardware (depending on the level of detail of the software) by a multiple thereof. A few tests yielded an increase in frames per second, which is incredibly important for the immersion and the well-being of the users, up to a factor of 4.


With the help of our eyetracking device the evaluation of the user experience or customer journey is easily done


Currently available for Unity3D, the implementation into the Unreal Engine is on the way. An integration into any other engines can be done with ease


Thanks to its modular design and small size our eyetracking device is integrable into any VR-HMD


What can the Gryphon VR Software do?

We have bundled various rendering processes to improve performance of VR experiences. A fast calibration is done before the start of the software to ensure exact tracking of eye movement (fixations and saccades) for analysing and evaluatuation purposes.


Plugin solutions for Gryphon VR

Our plugin acts as an API between hardware and software and enables the integration of our eyetracking solutions directly and effortlessly into various engines. Using a GUI paramaters can be adjusted according to the needs of the developer or customer. We plan on releasing our plugin for the Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine 5 and Amazon Lumberyard later this year.


The Gryphon VR Eyetracker

Our eyetracking device acts as an accessory that can be integrated into every VR-HMD. We are working on a further miniaturised device that takes up even less space and interferes with the user experience as little as possible.

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