What can Project: Gateway do for my company?

Project: Gateway VR Studios GmbH is the powerhouse for complex commercial Virtual Reality applications.

Virtual Reality is highly innovativ and offers various new opportunities to present your business. The market is growing rapidly and so do the possible applications – tag along!

We are developing specialised solutions adapted to your needs to expand your business potential and open up new markets.
To accomplish this we combine various concepts and technologies to achieve the biggest possible impact. Our international team is able to create digital content according to your notion.

We are offering a lot of different possible applications, for example:

Showrooms/trade shows

All products and services of your company can be depicted interactively inside a digital showroom in Virtual Reality.

The digital showrooms offer a highly mobile solution that can be configured and shaped freely – as many objects can be interactively exhibited in the virtual space as are needed. Especially at trade shows where space is both scarce and expensive a virtual showroom opens up new possibilities.

Even upcoming alterations – where a physical prototype is not yet available – can be showcased in innovative ways to bind visitors of all ages emotionally to the content.

Placement of content in software

Using our vreo-plugin videos and banners can be placed unobtrusively – no pop-ups, directly and immersively embedded into the software.

The possibilities are manyfold – both your own or someone elses (for example from partners) content can be integrated. Thanks to the easy exchange process content can be edited afterwards – seasonal or eventbound offers can be implemented this way. Through this a form of interactive newsletter is done as with every new start of the software new offers can be shown so the customer can experience something new on a regular basis.

Possible applications include activity promotion, offers or advertising – whatever you can imagine.


Convey content, processes or concepts through new ways as you showcase complex or even dry subjects in a playful way.

Reach new target audiences through gamification and convey knowledge and content in a fun way. Through this you can demonstrate new features or processes in an exciting way and even be thought-provoking. The application for internal uses like employee motivation is possible as well as external usage – Virtual Reality can be used for marketing that doesn’t get recognized as such. In doing so a playful way of getting acquainted is possible as well as reconstructing of process operations.

Any digital content can be either done concluded or extended continously to showcase tweaks and innovations.


Through usage of virtual simulations you can continously run ressource-friendly and immersive tests and simulate processes that would be impossible or very expensive in reality.

Planned construction projects or extensions can be shown realistically and visually through digitalization of objects or plans (like CAD). Through this you can receive first impressions of your project in a threedimensional space. In Virtual Reality a project or object can be observed or inspected from different perspectives.

Alternatively dangerous situations, fault simulations or processes with expensive materials can be depicted without generating high (and real) costs.


With Virtual Reality interactive trainings are possible for many users at the same time without them being physically present.

The standard procedure to introduce new employees to the company can be a long and dry one. Using our VR developments this process can be made less monotonous: new scopes of activities, new equipment or new processes are now visualized within the software and come alive interactively.

Trainings can be an asset both for new and old employees as the learning process is enhanced through the performing of operational activities within Virtual Reality. New content, processes or procedures can be imparted in an interactive and fun way at every location where VR-hardware is available.

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Project: Gateway is international!

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